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We Recycle Up To 95% Of Your Waste

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Recycling Centre In Ivybridge, Plymouth

Working within the waste sector, our team understands the importance of recycling and how it is vital to the future of our planet. At Dusty Bin, we're dedicated to recycling as much waste as possible, including plasterboard, cardboard, pvc, green waste, wood, soil, hardcore, metal, copper and aluminium.

Have you got a waste carriers license? Bring any waste to our licensed waste transfer station in Ivybridge, and our team will ensure everything is disposed of responsibly,
Make recycling a priority - contact Dusty Bin in Ivybridge for collections throughout Plymouth.
Call 01752 691 169

Dedicated To The Waste Hierarchy

At Dusty Bin, we take recycling seriously and always work with the waste hierarchy in mind, this includes:
  • Prevention - using less material, keeping products longer and using less hazardous materials
  • Preparing for re-use - checking, cleaning, repairing and refurbishing spare items and parts
  • Recycling - turning waste into new substances or products
  • Other recovery - including anaerobic digestion, incineration with energy recovery, gasification and pyrolysis
  • Disposal - as a last resort!
For effective waste management and reduction in Devon and Cornwall, Dusty Bin are the team to call - contact our team in Ivybridge today.
Green diagram of the waste hierarchy - Prevention, Preparing, Recycling, Other Recovery and Disposal
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